Richard Barnett talked to Russian TV about Capitol Insurrection


Richard Barnett, the Capitol Insurrectionist, who famously had his photo taken sitting on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk last January, talked to Russian State TV this weekend.

Barnett is currently out on bail and is awaiting trial.

Russian State TV is portraying Barnett as an “innocent victim.”

His lawyer, Joseph McBride, complained to the Russians:

Those who do not like the gov’t or the police are locked up… not provided with medicines, food is not given on time… sometimes beaten. This is terrible.

Say what now?

As Julia Davis, who shared the news on Twitter, points out…

Imagine what would have happened to any protester who broke into the Kremlin and propped his feet up on Putin’s desk.

Richard Barnett talks to Russian State TV

Richard Barnett talks to Russian State TV

I mean seriously.

People like Richard Barnett are branding themselves as patriots when they are literally traitors to the United States.

It’s no surprise that he would go on Russian TV of all places to defend himself. Putin is openly hostile to American interests, surely this man is aware. Maybe he’s just stupid.

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