Rep. Mo Brooks' wife spits on process server's car after getting subpoena (video)


Rep. Mo Brooks’ home security camera caught his wife spitting on a process server’s car after she was given her husband’s subpoena for inciting the January 6 Capitol Insurrection.

The security video was released on social media and it’s another gem of self-own. Yesterday, Brooks said that Rep. Eric Salwell’s process server trespassed on his home and accosted his wife. The video shows otherwise.

Press play to watch the video below.

Via Twitter

It is perfectly legal for a subpoena to be handed to you in a garage connected to your home. Brooks’ wife opened the garage door herself, and the process server gave her the papers to give to her husband. He promptly left when asked. No trespassing. No accosting. Case closed.

What we didn’t know yesterday was that Rep. Mo Brooks’ wife is so crass she would spit on someone’s car for doing his job.

Brooks has been trying to avoid this subpoena for months and now it has finally caught up with him – and he’s livid.

Two days in a row of self-owns for Rep. Mo Brooks. Yesterday he tweeted out his Gmail password while trying to setup the video that was revealed today.

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