Rep. Mo Brooks tweets his Gmail password while trying to own the libs


Republican Rep. Mo Brooks made another self-own on social media on Sunday while trying to turn the tables on Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Background: Swalwell finally was able to serve Brooks a subpoena for Brooks’ involvement in the January 6 Capitol Insurrection. Apparently the subpoena was handed to Brook’s wife since Brooks had been avoiding the subpoena for months.

In retaliation, Brooks went on social media accusing Swalwell of trespassing. Brooks shared a photo of his laptop screen showing the Alabama law that Swalwell allegedly violated. The image also showed his Gmail password and PIN number taped to the laptop. Oops.

Brooks should just take the L and defend himself. Maybe he has no defense so he’s deflecting.

UPDATE: Here’s the backup tweet since Brooks has deleted his original.

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