Nairo Announces Return To Streaming On YouTube


Smash pro Nairo announced that he will return to streaming but this time on YouTube instead of Twitch. He has been banned on Twitch since accusations of sexual misconduct were made againt him in 2020.

Early this year however, Nairo said that the case has been settled in his favor. He has since been allowed to compete in official Smash tournaments but his ban on Twitch still stands.

As he continues to appeal, he has decided to stream his games on YouTube.

The Twitch ban really hurts because tournaments which are aired on that platform cannot feature him - so effectively he still cannot compete.

Press play to watch the video below.

2GG and Collision have lifted the ban on Nairo as he has been removed from the Smash Global Ban Database.

C’mon Twitch! Please do the right thing and unban Nairo.

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