People Are Confusing This Progressive For Matt Gaetz On Twitter


GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz is currently under investigation for sex trafficking (and using Venmo to pay for underage sex). It’s no surprise that people are telling him off on social media that he’s a scumbag. His handle on Twitter is @mattgaetz.

Matthew Gertz is a senior fellow at left-leaning Media Matters and his handle on Twitter is @mattgertz.

Obviously, people cannot be bothered to check who exactly they are talking to on Twitter, so Gertz has been getting a ton of Gaetz hate over the last few days.

His response to everyone today though was perfect:

personal update

my friend is not ratting me out to the feds my venmo is pristine i have not traveled to the bahamas this century the walls are not closing in

i am definitely not under investigation by the house ethics committee

Nice one!

On another note, fingers-crossed, I really hope that this Matt Gaetz story has a happy ending.

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