Donald Trump now says Montana votes fraudulent (video)


Donald Trump was at a “Trump Rally” in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday where he lied about the results of the 2020 Presidential Election again. What else is new right?

Trump’s legal team challenged election results in a few states, but for the first time, Trump mentions Montana as a state where there were huge amounts of illegitimate votes. Say what? He won Montana by a large margin. Did he not really win that state?

Either he cannot read his own speech or his brain is severely impaired with dementia. He said Montana twice so no misspeak here. His brain is literally malfunctioning in real time.

Press play to watch the video below.

“Montana.” (Dramatic pause.)

LOL this guy.

Donald Trump complains about fraudulent votes in Montana

Donald Trump complains about fraudulent votes in Montana

His fans sadly cannot see the cray cray. And his family truly hates him to allow him to go on like this. Donald Trump needs medical help.

Also re-upping the Republican hypocrisy here about teleprompters. During the Obama years, they kept on complaining about Obama’s use of teleprompters. And now here’s their guy who uses it and cannot read. Sad.

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