Donald Trump Facebook Twitter lawsuit is his latest grift


Don’t be fooled: despite claims to the contrary, Donald Trump’s “First Amendment” class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook and Google is dead in the water.

It will be dismissed the moment a judge reads it.

The purpose of the lawsuit is two-fold:

  1. To get his fans riled up with “something new” to rally behind; and
  2. To continue his fund-raising grift

Moments after Trump announced his lawsuit on Wednesday, he released a fund-raising alert to his fans, all in the name of “protecting the First Amendment.”

Donald Trump free speech grift

Donald Trump free speech grift

via Twitter

I don’t know how many Donald Trump fans read this blog but trust me on this:

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution DOES NOT cover PRIVATE companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google. Donald Trump claims Facebook is a “state actor.” It is not.

The First Amendment does not give you the “right to have a Twitter account.”

Please do not allow Trump to take money from you.

Also, if Trump has so much money, he should pay for this lawsuit himself and not put it on the shoulders of his fans.

Love, Concerned citizen Rickey xoxo

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