Donald Trump Dementia Watch: Calls Coronavirus a Hoax (VIDEO)


Does Donald Trump have dementia? Last night in a South Carolina campaign rally, he called the coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus a hoax perpetrated by the “liberal” media and the Democrats to make him look bad. “It’s their new hoax,” he said, trying to score points with his supporters.

Less than 24 hours later, Trump held a press conference at the White House where he was asked about his rally speech. Earlier in the day, the first American death from the virus in Washington State was reported. So is it still a hoax? Why is Donald Trump lying again?

Here’s the video of Donald Trump calling coronavirus the next Democratic hoax:

Less than 24 hours later Donald Trump doubles down his Democratic hoax claims regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus:

Well, it’s clear that Donald Trump doesn’t really understand what’s happening here. He probably thinks the coronavirus is already contained and is gaslighting again.

However, his own administration’s actions speak louder than his lies: the U.S. now has declared a “do not travel” warning to South Korea and Italy, and has canceled a meeting with leaders from Asia in Las Vegas. All this is happening after in his own words the “Democratic hoax” coverage about it. The COVID-19 coronavirus is more dangerous than Trump wants the American people to believe apparently.

Update: (2/2/2021) Almost one year after Donald Trump called COVID-19 coronavirus a hoax, 447,715 Americans have died from it with 25.5 million cases. History will not treat Trump kindly. Everything he said was a lie: from the Democratic hoax to his administration’s “excellent job” handling the pandemic.

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