Donald Trump crashes another wedding and rants about New Hampshire (video)


Donald Trump crashed another wedding held at one of his hotels and made his usual song and dance: rant about the election in November 2020 which he lost. It’s been 6 months, he’s still talking about a recount!

Press play to watch the video below.

Donald Trump is not well and looks like well on his way to dementia la-la-land.

He’s telling his wedding audience about the recount currently happening in Arizona but for some reason thinks it will also happen in other states he lost like Pennsylvania, Michigan… and New Hampshire?

“They found a lot of votes in New Hampshire just now,” Trump said. Talk about living in an alternate reality!

Donald Trump’s family must really hate him. This is bottom-feeder pathetic.

This video is confirmed to have been taken last Thursday. (The video quality visually and content looks so old… that’s how pathetic this is, LOL)

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