Mayor de Blasio Slams Gov. Cuomo on Sexual Harassment Allegations


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has released a statement regarding recent allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The most recent is a sexual harrassment claim made by Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to Cuomo, in a blog post this weekend.

Ever the opportunist, de Blasio lumps in other allegations in his statement about Cuomo such as the cover-up of COVID-19 nursing home deaths last year. People have been talking about that for almost a year and de Blasio only says something about it now? Jeezuz.

Anyway, here:

Via Press Release

Mayor Bill de Blasio today released the following statement regarding recent allegations against Governor Cuomo:

“New Yorkers have seen detailed, documented accounts of sexual harassment, multiple instances of intimidation, and the admitted withholding of information on the deaths of over 15,000 people.

Questions of this magnitude cannot hang over the heads of New Yorkers as we fight off a pandemic and economic crisis. It’s clear what must now take place.

The State legislature must immediately revoke the Governor’s emergency powers that overrule local control. In addition, two fully independent investigations must be held immediately into the deaths at nursing homes and the disturbing personal misconduct allegations.

Precedence shows that investigations of the Governor must be completely independent of his office. The investigation into nursing home deaths must be free to examine campaign contributions from the nursing home industry. And the investigation into sexual misconduct must be led by someone fully independent of the governor, not the former business partner of the Governor’s top advisor.

2021 must be a year of progress and recovery. These efforts for transparency must be met.”

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