Clix Permabanned on Twitch After 100K Viewer Fortnite Stream


Fortnite pro player Clix has been banned indefinitely by Twitch for unknown reasons. Clix had just finished streaming his open qualifier in the 2021 Fornite Championship Series when he shared the distressing news on social media.

He said:

perma ban… on everything I love

Clix had just signed an exclusive contract with Twitch in October 2020, so this is shocking.

His team NRG noted on social media that they are working to get the ban lifted.

I hope this ban is reversed! Clix it literally the top Fornite pro player right now. He just got 100k viewers on Twitch hours before he was banned. I’m stunned!

This has to be some automated ban from Twitch because no way they will just let go of an up and coming talent like Clix. If there has been some accidental TOS violations, Clix has been quick to delete the VODS.

UPDATE: Twitch reinstated Clix’s account on February 17, 2021. Nice! So happy this was resolved.

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