Bobby Flay Estranged Wife Claims He Cheated on Her With January Jones


In a new bombshell claim, Bobby Flay’s estranged wife Stephanie March says he cheated on her many times with January Jones of Mad Men.

Is Bobby Flay January Jones’ baby daddy???

And thus the messy divorce continues!

According to In Touch, court papers say that March claims:

“Bobby committed adultery with January several times during the early months of 2010. They had sex many times and in different places, including the London hotel in Los Angeles.”

This seems to be in line with a report from TMZ back in 2010 when Bobby Flay showed up on the scene after January crashed her car in LA. Flay claimed back then that January called him after the accident. He said they watched a basketball game together and the actress asked for his phone number because she wanted advice on redoing her kitchen.

Last month, the NY Daily News reported that March did question Bobby about the “January incident” asking: “Did you f— her?”

He said “no” of course. But now March claims that he did f- her [January]. Multiple times.

Messy messy messy.

January Jones gave birth to baby Xander Dane Jones on September 13, 2011 but has kept the identity of the father under wraps. Guess who we think might be the frontrunner now?

Bobby Flay reportedly had a three year affair with his assistant which ultimately triggered the divorce with March.

Stephanie March who stars in Law & Order: SVU wants their prenup invalidated which reportedly pays her “only” $5000 a month.

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