Baby Born Without a Nose Is Finally Home (Video) + UPDATE


Eli Thompson, the baby born without a nose last March 4, is finally home. His family brought him home from the USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, AL on Monday.

Eli was born with congenital arhinia, a 1 in 197 million condition.

His mother Brandi McGlathery described his birth to AL after the doctor placed him on Brandi’s chest:

“I pulled back and said, ‘Something’s wrong!’ And the doctor said, ‘No, he’s perfectly fine.’ Then I shouted, ‘He doesn’t have a nose!’”

Aside from no external nose, Eli also doesn’t have a nasal cavity or olfactory system.

His mother added: “We think he’s perfect the way he is. Until the day he wants to have a nose, we don’t want to touch him. We have to take it day by day.”

His family has set up a GoFundMe to help fund his medical bills.

Watch the video here:

UPDATE: Eli died two months after his second birthday.

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