Baby Born with Elephant Trunk Nose Worshipped Like a God in India (Video)


A baby girl born with an “elephant trunk” protrusion on her nose is being worshipped like a god in India because she looks like Lord Ganesha in the Hindu religion.

Doctors said that malnutrition probably caused it, but some people think there is a divine power at work. People were singing and dancing in the streets at her birth.

Lord Ganesha, who has an elephant’s head and a human body, is the Hindu god of success. Perhaps the lord has come to be with the people. The locals have called the baby “Lord Ganpatni” (Ganesha’s wife).

The baby’s parents are still considering if they will have an operation.

Yesterday, we reported that the baby boy born without a nose (who looks like another Lord whom-shall-not-be-named) went back home in Alabama after spending weeks in the hospital.

Watch the video here:

Via NY Daily News

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