Asian Grandmother Who Survived Attack Donates Nearly $1 Million


Xiao Zhen Xie made headlines last week when she defended herself from a vicious attack in San Francisco. The 75-year-old grandmother was punched by a white man but she fought back with a board. This led to the man’s arrest.

A GoFundMe was raised to help with her medical expenses but Xie’s grandson announced in an update that she has decided to donate the money, $951,918 so far, to fight racism against the Asian American community.

Here’s the details of Xie’s attack via NPR:

Xie, who is originally from China, had been waiting to cross the street when she was suddenly hit in the face. San Francisco Police say the suspect, Steven Jenkins, punched Xie minutes after he assaulted an 83-year-old Asian man. The suspect was being chased by a security guard when he hit Xie.

In the moment, her instinct was to fight back, her family told TV station KPIX. They said that Xie, while badly hurt, responded by grabbing a wooden board and hitting the man.

Jenkins, 39, was left with a bloody mouth and is facing charges of assault and elder abuse.

Press play to watch the video below.

I’m glad the she got some help and is also giving back to help others. The news have been very upsetting lately but stuff like this reminds us that we can be better.

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