New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Officiates His First Same-Sex Wedding

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is rolling with the changes!

Just days after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, Cuomo joined LGBT icon and “Godmother of Gay Marriage” Edie Windsor outside of Stonewall to perform his very first same-sex wedding.

Cuomo officiated the ceremony yesterday between David Turley, a Human Rights Campaign employee, and his partner, Peters Thiede. It’s a significant moment in the victory for marriage equality, and for the HRC, as Turley — the organization’s Associate Regional Field Director — was instrumental in the campaign for marriage equality in New York in 2011.

“What a special day for Dave to have his love and commitment to Peter acknowledged at the Stonewall Inn,” said Marty Rouse, the National Field Director for HRC. “How wonderful is it that Dave has his own marriage recognized by such a historic figures.”

Governor Cuomo officiates gay wedding

Credit: Flickr

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Officiates His First Same-Sex Wedding

Credit: Pete Webb

Of course, the wedding is also significant due to its time and location, as the ceremony took place in front of the Stonewall Inn, the site of the historic Stonewall riots, in which police raided the inn on suspicion of homosexual activity, and were met with resistance from the gay community of Greenwich Village. That event took place on June 28, 1969, exactly 46 years from the date of Turley and Thiede’s wedding, which is why the ceremony proved to be such a poignant occasion. The riots were considered the most important event in the early days of the gay liberation movement, and Governor Cuomo performing the first same-sex wedding (well, post-Supreme Court ruling, anyway) marks the culmination of a very long struggle.

This is a wonderful moment for marriage equality, and Cuomo is hopefully the first of many governors across the United States who embrace the Supreme Court’s ruling. Congratulations to Turley and Thiede! Here’s to a long and happy marriage.

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