New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5B Trailer Offers Hope (VIDEO)

The newest trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5 suggests that there might be hope ahead for our survivors, as Rick brings the group together and declares, “We do what we need to do. Then we get to live.” Of course, this isn’t to say that there still isn’t a lot of tension, as walkers surround the characters at virtually every turn. In one crucial moment, Rick BLASTS through a horde of the undead in a car, causing the corpse to splatter on the windshield in front of him.

“I know we’ll be okay,” Rick says in the trailer. “Because this is how we survive.”

“This isn’t over. This isn’t the end,” adds Tyreese.

And then Michonne brings it all together with one last cryptic comment

“Don’t you want one more day with a chance?”

Desperation is sinking in, it seems, but at least the group’s leader appears to believe that there’s some hope of a regular life — whatever that might entail — at the end of this struggle. Here’s hoping we don’t lose anybody else this season. Of course, since this is The Walking Dead, there’s almost no way we don’t get at least one other major death to go with the one from the midseason finale.

Check out the full trailer below, and get ready for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5B on February 8th on AMC.

New 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer Offers Hope (VIDEO)

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