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New theory emerges implicating Bruce Jenner in deadly car crash (PHOTO)

New photos from the Bruce Jenner car crash which killed a woman last weekend could land the reality TV star in trouble. A vehicular manslaughter investigation is ongoing and the current theory is that a Prius stopped abruptly which caused a chain reaction: the Lexus behind it hit the Prius, and Jenner’s SUV then hit the Lexus. (The Lexus was pushed unto oncoming traffic hitting a Hummer, killing the Lexus driver.)

The new theory as TMZ demonstrates in photos taken before and during the accident suggests that Bruce Jenner may have instigated the crash in the first place: hitting both the Lexus and then the Prius.

It all hinges on the damage to the front of the Lexus: If it had hit the Prius first — since it was moving in a straight line, the damage to the left and right front would have been the same. Apparently, there’s no evidence of this kind of damage to the car according to TMZ. Furthermore, a rep for the Prius driver adds that there is an imprint of Jenner’s SUV on the Prius.

If it is determined that Bruce was the only one that hit the Lexus and the Prius, the case for vehicular manslaughter is more than likely.

New theory emerges in deadly Bruce Jenner car crash (PHOTO)

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