Netflix Streaming ‘The Interview’ on January 24

The Interview is continuing its insane run, going from online hack to video-on-demand to theatrical release and, now, to Netflix.

According to an official letter to investors, Netflix will add The Interview to its instant streaming library this Saturday, January 24.

This marks the culmination of a journey that started with a threat from online hackers prompting Sony to cancel the theatrical release, before reneging and deciding on a limited release. The film was then released online for digital rental and sale on multiple platforms over the Christmas holiday. Although the film has made only a paltry $6 million theatrically, The Interview has grossed over $40 million through rental or purchase online and through cable, satellite, and telecom providers. So the film is not only a modest success, it also illustrates the potential validity of a direct-to-video-on-demand release model for major studio features. It certainly helps when the film is as fun and silly as The Interview ended up being.

Of course, if you don’t have Netflix and have been unable to see The Interview, you’ll be able to check it out when the “Freedom Edition” DVD and Blu-Ray hits stores on February 17.

Did you see The Interview? If so, what did you think? Was it as offensive as the controversy surrounding it suggested? Or were people overreacting? Sound off in the comments!

H/T: Entertainment Weekly

Netflix Streaming 'The Interview' on January 24

Credit: Netflix

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