Netflix Renews ‘Fuller House’ for Season 2

It’s official: Fuller House is coming back for Season 2!

Although the critical reviews haven’t been great, fans have been flocking to the show like crazy, binge-watching like it’s going out of style. So this renewal isn’t all that big of a shock, as Netflix proudly took to Twitter to make the renewal announcement official:

Netflix Renews 'Fuller House' for Season 2

Credit: Netflix

With another season on the way, I guess this means we can renew speculation on whether or not the Olsen Twins will return. Maybe Netflix can back up a dump truck full of money onto their front doorstep to make it happen. Then again, Netflix really only needs one of the girls. So while I doubt the Olsens really need the money, I wonder if nostalgia might inspire them to drop in for a cameo or two. Then again, the fact that the show is successful without them pretty much makes this all a moot point anyway.

What do you think of the renewal of Fuller House? What do you think of the series itself? Sound off in the comments!

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