Netflix Releases ‘Iron Fist’ Trailer (VIDEO)

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is in full swing, and Netflix is continuing to pile up on the big reveals. In addition to the premiere trailer for Marvel’s Luke Cage, as well as the first teaser for The Defenders, Netflix has now debuted the trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist. And it looks awesome.

Granted, the trailer is relatively sparse on details. But what little we do see tells us plenty. Danny Rand (Finn Jones) was in a plane crash as a boy, and he was discovered by monks who, presumably, taught him everything there is to know about kicking ass. Not that this prevented him from being thrown in a mental institution as an adult. But all that training gets put to good use when he obliterates a brick wall. And…well, that’s all we get, but it’s actually quite a bit in comparison to, say, The Defenders trailer, so I’m not complaining. Marvel’s Iron Fist doesn’t have an official release date just yet other than “soon”, but this is definitely looking like it could be the next great, binge-worthy series. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Netflix Releases 'Iron First' Trailer (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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