Netflix Cracks Down on VPN Cheaters

Netflix has vowed to go after subscribers using VPN proxies to stream unauthorized content on its network.

The company expanded its service to more than 130 countries last week, but licensing agreements make content unavailable to many users depending on their home country.

For example, Australia only has 10% of what is available to U.S. subscribers.

To get around this, users have been subscribing to VPN services and proxies that trick Netflix into thinking they are in the U.S. when in fact they are somewhere else.

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Originally, Netflix said they will not go after VPN users, but that has now been reversed in a recent blog post from the company. Subscribers that currently use proxies to view content outside their countries will only be able to access the service in their own countries starting next week. Members that do not use VPNs will not be affected.

It’s just another cat and mouse game. I am sure the Internet will find a way around this.

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