Netflix Cancels ‘Bloodline’, Third Season Will Be Its Last

Netflix is dumping one of its more critically-acclaimed dramas: the streaming service has canceled Bloodline, meaning the upcoming third season will be its last.

This comes as a bit of a shock, since the show was just renewed for a third season in July, at which point Netflix told media outlets that the show would continue past Season 3. However, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Netflix only recently notified Sony that the upcoming season would be the last for Bloodline. In addition, the episode order has been reduced from 13 episodes to 10.

It’s possible that series creators/executive producers Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler could try and find a new home for the show, considering they’ve previously stated the plan was for five or six seasons. Since their story was tailored to that plan, they may have a hard time wrapping up the show in a satisfactory manner, especially considering they have even fewer episodes now than they had in the previous two seasons.

That said, it kind of makes sense why Netflix would can the show. Between a cast that includes Emmy winner Kyle Chandler and Oscar winner Sissy Spacek, and the dried-up coffers of Florida’s entertainment tax incentives program, Bloodline has pretty much become more expensive to produce than it’s worth. Granted, the ratings have never been particularly great, but the show has enjoyed a fair amount of critical acclaim, to say nothing of its back-to-back Emmy nominations for Chandler in the Lead Actor race, and Ben Mendolsohn in the Supporting Actor race.

Personally, I’ll be sad to see Bloodline go. I love the slow burn of the series, with its patient storytelling and its rich characterization, to say nothing of its gorgeous setting. I had been intrigued to see what kind of story Zelman and the Kesslers had in mind to need six seasons to tell it. But I guess we’ll never know now, unless the show finds a new home.

Netflix Cancels 'Bloodline', Third Season Will Be Its Last

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