Netflix Announces ‘Defenders’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ Release Plan

When can we expect Netflix to release A.K.A. Jessica Jones, as well as the rest of the programming in their Defenders lineup?

Well, needless to say, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is still playing it close to the vest. At the opening of the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Sarandos confirmed only that Marvel’s Jessica Jones will premiere by the end of 2015, which…well, isn’t exactly a huge revelation.

However, Sarandos would go on to confirm that the ideal schedule for Marvel’s Defenders would be to have one new show/season in the lineup premiere every six months. So I suppose we can expect Jessica Jones, and follow it up with Season 2 of Daredevil, or maybe that new Luke Cage show. Regardless of the order in which they premiere, it’s all building to one major event.

Netflix Announces 'Defenders' and 'Jessica Jones' Release Plan

Credit: Barry Wetcher / Netflix

Sarandos stated that all of the Marvel properties will crossover in the major event series The Defenders, which will premiere at some point after each of the four planned shows have premiered, although some of the shows might have multiple seasons under their belt by the time that happens. Daredevil already aired earlier this year to vast critical acclaim, with a second season confirmed for 2016, while Jessica Jones is looking to be one of the more anticipated shows in the Netflix lineup.

Ultimately, this is great news not just for Marvel fans, but for Netflix addicts who love having engrossing dramas to binge. Count me among the excited!

But what do you think of the release plan? In what order should the shows premiere? Sound off in the comments!

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