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Nervous Nick Viall Meets His Ladies For The Bachelor 2017! (PHOTOS)

Nick Viall is The Bachelor 2017, and many have been wondering how he’d handle the responsibility. As it turns out, Nick is as nervous as any man who’s taken on the role of The Bachelor. The first look photos reveal that the Night One jitters are enough to affect even someone who’s been through this process as many times as Nick!

“Nick is as nervous as any guy I’ve ever seen on Night One… #TheBachelor,” said producer Mike Fleiss on Twitter over the weekend. He would go on to post some first look photos, and they show that Fleiss really wasn’t kidding at all. Sure, Nick has a big ol’ smile across his face, but it looks more like a defensive smile, as if to say, “Please God, let this not be a total disaster.” You can see the photos from Fleiss by checking out the tweets below:

Nervous Nick Viall Meets His Ladies For The Bachelor 2017 - Sneak Peek Photos!

Source: Twitter

Looks like Nick has his work cut out for him as The Bachelor. I guess we’ll find out how he does, and if he finds love, when The Bachelor 2017 premieres in January!

But what do you think of Nick Viall as The Bachelor? Are you going to see how it goes or do you think The Bachelor should have been someone else entirely? Sound off in the comments!

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