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NBC Promises Miley Cyrus Will Be Dressed Appropriately on ‘The Voice’

The Voice 2016 just finished its season this week, and NBC is already looking ahead to Season 11 in the fall with new coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus. In particular, NBC is addressing the concerns some of the more conservative viewers have about adding Miley to the coaching lineup — namely, that she doesn’t bring her eccentric style choices to the coaching panel.

At the Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s “State of The Industry Panel” address in Los Angeles on Tuesday, an NBC executive spoke out on the addition of Miley to the lineup, acknowledging that she’ll have to be reined in a bit in order to fit into the program.

NBC Entertainment president Paul Telegdy stated that Miley is a “polarizing but very interesting artist,” and although he understands the concerns some viewers have about her joining the show permanenelt, Miley will be “appropriately dressed at all times.” Telegdy boasted that both Miley and Alicia would “counterbalance the Blake [Shelton] and Adam [Levine] Show.”

Ultimately, this seems like a bit of a random complaint to have. Sure, she doesn’t exactly dress conservatively, but neither does Christina on most weeks. Miley isn’t really an artist I’m crazy about, but I do think she has a mind for the music industry. In her stint as a key advisor this past season, she showed she’s got a mind for the kind of mentoring this show requires. And hey, she’s been in show business for most her life, so she’s as qualified as anyone to coach. At the very least, she should make a more interesting coach than Gwen Stefani, Shakira or Cee Lo Green. I’m not saying Miley will be the greatest coach ever, but I’m going in with an open mind and giving her the benefit of the doubt until I have a better reason not to other than “She’s Miley Cyrus!”

NBC Promises Miley Cyrus Will Be Dressed Appropriately on 'The Voice'

Credit: NBC

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