NBC might move ‘Constantine’ to SyFy as ‘Hellblazer’

NBC might be able to save Constantine and make its rabid fan base happy. There is now talk among executives of moving the show to SyFy and rebranding it as Hellblazer.

Production has been halted on Constantine after 13 episodes and there is no word on any renewal or anything. When word of the halt came, fans trended #SaveConstantine on social media. Looks like there is some hope now and NBC has listened as Cinelinx reported that executives are looking into the move to SyFy.

I think this makes a lot of sense! Constantine recently had a marathon on SyFy and it did really well. I hope this happens! Make it happen NBC.

The original title of the DC Comic is John Constantine, Hellblazer.

NBC might move 'Constantine' to SyFy as 'Hellblazer'

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