NBC Cancels ‘About a Boy’, ‘Constantine’, ‘State of Affairs’ and 2 More

NBC continues to get further away from the comedy branding that made it such a huge network in the 90s and early 2000s.

The network has canceled three comedies: About a Boy, Marry Me and One Big Happy.

Both About a Boy and Marry Me had decent ratings in their post-Voice time slot on Tuesday nights, but those numbers didn’t exactly hold as the season went on. Three months ago, NBC pulled both shows from the schedule. As it stands now, four unaired episodes remain for both comedies, although it’s unknown if NBC is ever going to actually air those episodes (either online or as a summer burn-off).

This leaves Undateable as NBC’s sole remaining comedy on the schedule. And, with the success of the live episode that aired this past Tuesday, NBC is reportedly considering a third season renewal of all-live episodes for Undateable. So yeah…not too bad for a show people didn’t think would survive a first season, much less a second.

But some other shows that NBC had high hopes for ended up crashing and burning…

NBC Cancels 'About a Boy', 'Constantine', 'State of Affairs' and 2 More

Credit: NBC

Constantine and the Katherine Heigl-starring State of Affairs have been canceled after one season apiece. Neither show was particularly strong in the ratings, although I wouldn’t necessarily say either was a bomb to start. However, neither show grew over the course of the season either. Rumors of Constantine getting moved to Syfy haven’t resurfaced either, so it’s looking like the show is dead, barring some last-minute reprieve.

While I have no familiarity with any of the comedies, I thought Constantine was a good fit for NBC’s Friday night horror lineup, and I feel it’s a shame that the show didn’t really catch on since Matt Ryan was terrific in the lead role. As for State of Affairs, it felt like a poor man’s Homeland, which kept me from ever being able to get into it. The cast was good, but I just didn’t feel like the writing was there for it. Sure, The Blacklist became a hit in the same post-Voice time slot on Monday nights before moving to Thursdays in its second season, but The Blacklist was also a much stronger show. That said, I expected NBC to give it a second season anyway due to how much they invested in it. But I’m guessing NBC feels safer just getting its losses now.

What do you think of these renewals and cancellations? Sound off in the comments!

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