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Nate Ruess Joins ‘The Voice 8’ as Knockouts Round ‘Key Advisor’ (VIDEO)

Nate Ruess went golfing with Adam Levine and ended up with a job as The Voice Season 8 Knockout Round ‘key advisor’!

While hanging out with friend Levine, the Fun lead singer was invited to the set of The Voice, and once there, Ruess pretty much fell in love with the place. “It’s The Voice! It’s a big show! Then I get on the set, and it’s as good as golf! It’s AWESOME!” Ruess beams. “My first reaction was, like,, ‘Wow, this is cool!’ But I’m kind of scared of cameras and stuff like that, so I was, like, “Uhhh…what am I doing?’ But now, how I feel right now is like, ‘Bring this thing on!'”

Ruess will appear in three episodes, beginning on March 23. Check out the video of Ruess on the set with the coaches and their contestants below:

Nate Ruess Joins 'The Voice' as Knockouts Round 'Key Advisor' (VIDEO)

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