MTV Kills Cast of ‘Teen Wolf,’ ‘Finding Carter,’ ‘Awkward’ + More in ‘Scream’ Promo (VIDEO)

In case you have not heard, MTV has taken the horror movie franchise Scream and is turning it into a television series.

And as evidenced by this official promo in which they kill off the casts of Awkward, Teen Wolf, Faking It, Finding Carter, The Challenge, and Ridiculousness, they’re not taking themselves too seriously.

You can watch the overly gory promo above (perfect music is perfect) and check out an official trailer for the series below which debuted this year at the MTV Movie Awards.

We must say, we’re liking the tongue-in-cheek meta approach — which has to be a nod to the original Wes Craven flick.

You can catch Scream on a small screen near you starting June 30.

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