Mount McKinley To Be Renamed Denali

Mount McKinley is going back to its original name: Denali. President Obama made the announcement on Sunday.

Apparently Alaska and Ohio had been battling it out for a year regarding the name change. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, introduced legislation to rename the tallest mountain in North America, but Ohio legislators wanted to block it. President William McKinley for whom the mountain was named in 1896 was born in Ohio.

Ironically, McKinley never visited Alaska in his lifetime. The mountain was named after him by a gold prospector when he captured the Republican nomination as a show of support.

Mount McKinley To Be Renamed Denali

From NY Times:

President Obama announced on Sunday that Mount McKinley was being renamed Denali, restoring an Alaska Native name with deep cultural significance to the tallest mountain in North America.

The move came on the eve of Mr. Obama’s trip to Alaska, where he will spend three days promoting aggressive action to combat climate change, and is part of a series of steps meant to address the concerns of Alaska Native tribes.

The central Alaska mountain has been called Mount McKinley for more than a century.

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