Mother of Divas Champion Charlotte Blasts WWE Over Controversial Segment

Last night was a momentous Raw. For the first time since Trish Stratus and Lita duked it out for the Women’s title over a decade ago, the Divas closed an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. However, the segment was more than a little controversial.

The main event contract signing for the Divas Championship match between challenger Paige and champion Charlotte got heated when a real life tragedy was utilized for the storyline. The segment referenced the death of Charlotte’s younger brother, Reid Flair, who passed away on March 29, 2013 due to an accidental overdose of heroin and prescription drugs. Initially, the references to Reid were in the context of Charlotte’s motivation for becoming a professional wrestler, as she noted that she grew up watching her father, 16-time world champion Ric Flair, on television with Reid. Although Reid wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, he died before he could make it to WWE, so Charlotte took it upon herself to complete her little brother’s dreams. It was a tearful interview, and probably would have been fine had they left it there. But the script took a dramatic turn when Paige, after listening to Charlotte declare that she comes from a family of fighters, responded that Reid didn’t have “much fight in him.” A brawl broke out, and while it was all a part of the script, not everyone was thrilled with it.

Elizabeth Fleihr, the ex-wife of Ric Flair and mother to both Charlotte and Reid, blasted WWE over Twitter for using the death of her son in a storyline. In a tweet addressed to the higher-ups in the company, Fliehr wrote, “@WWE @StephMcMahon @VinceMcMahon @TripleH WWEWriters really, that lazy! #CheapHeat #disgusting #disrespectful #cruel #sad ??#RawGreenville.”

Mother of Divas Champion Charlotte Blasts WWE Over Controversial Segment

Ultimately, we don’t know if this was all WWE’s idea, or if Charlotte came up with the idea and suggested it herself. Or maybe the writers came up with it, and she decided to be a good soldier and go along with it, despite having reservations about the subject matter. Her emotions did seem pretty raw (no pun intended), which suggests to me that maybe it’s still too soon for her to be bringing this up in a storyline, if that’s something she’d ever even be okay with doing. You can watch the full segment from last night’s Raw below, and judge for yourself whether it was too much:

What did you think of the segment? Offensive? Over the line? Or fair game? Sound off in the comments!

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