Monica Lewinsky Asks If She’s Hillary Clinton’s Becky With The Good Hair From #LEMONADE

Everyone is talking about “Becky with the Good Hair” from Beyonce’s #LEMONADE visual album released this weekend.

Some memes have popped up, including one of Hillary Clinton pandering to black voters saying: “I, too, got cheated on with Becky with the good hair.”

Lewinsky for real then asked on Twitter: “hey, will someone let me know if it’s safe for me to listen to #LEMONADE? ???? #sarcasmfilter”

Oh dear.

Hillary Clinton has gone on record that she keeps “hot sauce” in her purse. We now know that the “hot sauce” Beyonce was referring to in her song “Formation” is a baseball bat!

Yeah Monica, I don’t think it’s safe for you right now.

Too much for today ???????????? (Yes that's really Monica Lewinsky! #BillClinton's #BeckyWithTheGoodHair from the 90s)

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Turns out Beyonce got hot sauce in her bag alright.. #BaseballBat

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