Mom Can't Stop Laughing At Daughter Slipping On Icy Driveway (VIDEO)

Caroline Charter's sister Suzanne had a rough time during Boxing Day in Canada a few days ago. While trying to get into her car, she kept slipping on the driveway much to the amusement of her mother.

Mom couldn't stop laughing as Suzanne couldn't stop sliding. The video has since gone viral and the family has decided to release the mom's laughing as a ringtone on iTunes.

From Caroline Charter:

Happy Boxing Day! This just made my Christmas.... ice rain storm made my parents driveway a little treacherous for my sister Suzanne, and my dad. Hysterical laughing track provided by mum. Must watch with sound up!! Notes: Car has winter tires, nobody was drunk, her boots are Sorels, and the roads were salted and gritted so driving was perfectly safe.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube