Mitch McConnell Burned By His Own Letter In 2009 About Nominees

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued a sick burn to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday. He sent McConnell the very same letter the then Minority Leader sent the Democrats regarding President Obama’s cabinet nominees.

He didn’t even rewrite anything. He just addressed it to “Mitch” instead of then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The letter listed “eminently reasonable” demands by the Republicans for a thorough background check. These included checks by the FBI, Office of Government Ethics and financial documents that included tax returns.

It was revealed last week that the OGE has not finished their review process as they have “lost contact” with the Trump transition team. The Republicans want to have hearings as early as this week.

On Sunday, McConnell said that the Democrats should “grow up” and have hearings regarding Donald Trump’s nominees even without a complete ethics review by the OGE.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

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