Milo Ventimiglia joins ‘Gotham’

Milo Ventimiglia is joining “Gotham” in a recurring role. He will be playing a new character in the Batman universe called “The Ogre.”

Milo of course is well known for being a reluctant “hero” in Heroes. It will be interesting to see how he tackles being a villain.

From THR:

Ventimiglia’s character — whose real name is Jason Lennon — is described as “handsome, wealthy and seductive,” but that merely hides a dark side: he’s also a serial killer who’s been killing young women in Gotham for almost a decade in the search for a perfect mate. Unsurprisingly, this leads him up against Ben McKenzie’s upright Detective Jim Gordon.

It’s amazing how some of our favorites here on the blog are now back on TV! Wentworth Miller recently appeared in The Flash as the villain Captain Cold.

Milo Ventimiglia joins 'Gotham'

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