Mike Jackson Wants CM Punk For Next UFC Fight

CM Punk may have lost his first UFC fight to Mickey Gall, but he made it clear in his post-fight interview that he has every intention of fighting again. So it’s no surprise that Mike Jackson is putting his name in contention for the next shot at the former WWE star.

In an interview with MMAJunkie Radio, Jackson proposed putting him in the octagon with Punk in seven months.

“I’ve gotten wind that Punk wants to get another fight, and it only makes sense,” Jackson said.

And he’s not exactly wrong. Jackson and Punk are both 0-1 in UFC, although Jackson has had one more fight than Punk has had, having competed in the amateur level — against Gall. And that was a loss as well, so it’s not as though Punk would be as drastically overmatched against Jackson as he was against Gall.

“The experience is the same,” Jackson said. “We both have a loss to Mickey Gall. He can’t go in there and fight dudes with a lot of experience, as opposed to bringing in someone else with very limited MMA experience. It only makes sense to put us both in there.”

Mike Jackson Wants CM Punk For Next UFC Fight

Source: YouTube

Jackson is even going as far as to make a prediction on how the fight would go.

“If I fight CM Punk, I’m knocking him out in the second round,” Jackson declared. “I want him to understand that this is a real thing. This isn’t scripted, and your life is on the line. I want him to understand that by me punching him in the face and kicking him and elbowing him repeatedly that, you need to stop.”

Honestly, this would be a far more interesting fight, to me, than Punk-Gall was, if only because this is a scenario in which Punk actually has a shot. Also, one of the men would be guaranteed to get earn his first UFC victory. Granted, if Punk fails to get past Jackson, that would essentially be the nail in the coffin for his MMA career, at least in UFC. Of course, Bellator would probably take him, if he wanted to continue fighting. However, with Punk fast approaching 40, I’m not sure how smart that would be. But Punk is a headstrong type of guy, so I doubt he’d be dissuaded from something he really wanted to do.

What do you think? Would you want to see Punk vs. Jackson? If so, who would win? Sound off in the comments!

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