Miguel Is Finally Getting Sued for that Botched Billboard Music Awards Jump

Well, things aren’t looking too hot for Miguel these days, and we’re not just talking about his career either.

Two years after he went for a risky stage dive at the Billboard Music Awards, and ended up delivering a guillotine legdrop to one unlucky audience member in the process, Miguel is finally getting sued for it.

Cindy Tsai is suing Miguel and the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, where the event took place, claiming that she took the majority of the impact from the singer’s botched leap. This negligence lawsuit is seeking damages to cover lost wages, medical bills, and a little extra to cover all the “pain and suffering” since this seems to be as much a matter of principle as money. And hey, even if it is all about money, you could probably make the case that Miguel had this coming for being so damn reckless in the first place.

Miguel Is Finally Getting Sued for that Botched Billboard Music Awards Jump

Credit: ABC

Apparently, another woman thought about suing but never went through with it, since Tsai wasn’t the only one injured in the incident. I’m not sure if Tsai has a realistic shot at winning the case, but it might just be better for Miguel and MGM to settle out of court, provided Tsai isn’t asking for some astronomical fee. Either way, let’s hope he doesn’t go on another massive Twitter rant this time.

But what do you think? Does Tsai have a case? Should Miguel and MGM just settle so this goes away, or should they fight it in court? Sound off in the comments!

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