Microsoft Teams Up With Elon Musk and Open AI

Microsoft is expanding their research into artificial intelligence by announcing a major partnership.

The company announced it will be partnering with Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Open AI, Sam Altman’s nonprofit organization focused on research into responsible artificial intelligence. You know, rather than the SkyNet type that will create Terminators to obliterate us all.

The deal will allow Open AI to use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based OS, to deepen their understanding of neural networks, since the company will be running artificial intelligence experiments in the system. Considering the large scale nature of the experiments, it makes sense to use a system that supports open source technologies.

Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, and Sam Altman went into detail in a blog post to Open AI’s official website:

Microsoft Teams Up With Elon Musk and 'Open AI'

Source: YouTube

In the coming months we will use thousands to tens of thousands of these machines to increase both the number of experiments we run and the size of the models we train.

We’ll share the results of this partnership with everyone: along with publishing our research results, we’ll continue releasing open-source software making it easier for people to run large-scale AI workloads on the cloud. We’ll also be giving feedback to the Microsoft team so that Azure’s capabilities keep pace with our understanding of AI.

It’s great to work with another organization that believes in the importance of democratizing access to AI. We’re looking forward to accelerating the AI community through this partnership.

It should be interesting to see what this means for the advancement of artificial intelligence. I certainly think it’s a noble mission, if nothing else, to limit the possibilities of a monopoly on artificial intelligence, especially since it could easily be made to harm humanity in the wrong hands. I know it sounds a bit like a plot from a bad Bond movie, but that’s just the age we live in now. And it’s better to further the democratization of AI now, rather than waiting until it’s too late.

But what do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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