Michelle Obama Teams Up With Julianne Moore For Let Girls Learn (VIDEO)

First Lady Michelle Obama has enlisted the help of Academy Award-winning actress Julianne Moore spread the word about her #LetGirlsLearn initiative.

Michelle Obama shared a video on social media on Wednesday writing:

As mothers, @JulianneMoore and the First Lady know the importance of raising strong, educated young women. By helping #LetGirlsLearn, we are empowering the next global generation. Get involved today: LetGirlsLearn.gov

On Tuesday she also wrote:

“You all are going to be the next movers and shakers. The people who are going to solve climate change, who are going to deal with terrorism, who are going to deal with poverty and hunger. And we need you smart, ready and confident in your abilities.” –The First Lady to young girls on the power of an education. #LetGirlsLearn

Go Michelle Obama!

I am going to miss this family so much when they leave the White House. They’ve done so much for our country. Let girls learn!

Press play to watch the video below.

@JulianneMoore is right. Together, we can empower the next global generation. #LetGirlsLearn

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