Michelle Obama Reveals She Loves Gossiping With Sasha And Malia At ‘Work Day’ Event

First Lady Michelle Obama held her last “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” event for the children of White House employees on Wednesday, where she shared some personal anecdotes of her time in the historic mansion.

According to PEOPLE, Obama said that as Malia and Sasha got older they got “less excited about living in a museum” and just wanted to live in a regular home:

Fielding questions from her young guests, Obama said she has counted on nightly family dinners for catching up with her daughters now that they are both teenagers, with Malia headed to college this fall, and “beyond hanging out” with their parents.

But over dinner, Obama said, “I love to catch up on the gossip in my girls’ life – whose friends are mad at who, and what boys are in the scene. And I love all that gossip stuff.”

Source: PEOPLE

Source: PEOPLE

She also said that she loves to squeeze the family dogs Sunny and Bo.


I’m going to miss this family so much when they leave the White House. So many great things have happened to our country with Obama in office.

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