Michelle Collins Joins ‘The View’ as ABC Considers Rotating Panel of Guest Hosts

One of the more perplexing details about The View is how, as it nears the end of its 18th season, it hasn’t been canceled yet. The rotating panel of hosts who arrive with much fanfare and then leave just as abruptly has led to the series getting negative press, when it’s even getting press at all. But the show is looking ahead to Season 19, and a potential big shakeup, if rumors are to be believed.

But first, the latest hosting news: comedian Michelle Collins will join the panel, filling the spot vacated by the departing Rosie Perez. ABC is looking to make it official next week.

Collins, once a fixture on shows such as Chelsea Lately and The Tyra Banks Show, is no stranger to The View, having guest-hosted this season after Rosie O’Donnell bailed on the show back in February. Collins will join a panel that includes veteran host Whoopi Goldberg, and newcomers Nicolle Wallace and Raven-Symoné.

Michelle Collins Joins 'The View' as ABC Considers Rotating Panel of Guest Hosts

Credit: ABC

But will this panel last? Well, the latest rumor says otherwise.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the network is thinking about using a rotating panel of guest hosts that will fill an extra chair on the panel each week. For instance, the show might bring in, say, Kelly Ripa to join The View panel for one week, and then follow her up with Cheryl Hines the next week, and then Julianne Hough the week after that. I have no idea if those are names ABC is considering, should they go through with this idea. They’re just the first three names that popped into my head for this example. But I’ll laugh my head off if any of those end up being right, although I wouldn’t be able to yell “called it!” because I sincerely doubt anyone in their right mind would care. As for this rotating panel, nothing is for certain since it’s still just a rumor at this point. But if it pans out, this would most likely occur in the fall, at the absolute earliest.

If nothing else, it sort of makes sense why ABC would do this. Ratings pressure from competing shows like CBS’s The Talk, a general lack of chemistry between panelists, and a lack of resonance with the audience are all a part of the problem, and it’s all made worse by all these constant panel changes. I guess ABC is just playing into the stereotype that nobody ever lasts on The View.

Speaking of which, Rosie Perez offered a tearful farewell on yesterday’s telecast, and while she won’t be gone from the show until after August 6th, I suddenly find myself preemptively sad at her departure:

I can’t really speak to Rosie’s quality as a host, but I’m always heartened to see fellow Puerto Ricans shinin’ on network television. But I suppose this is an abject lesson for ABC: don’t hire any more Rosies, because Rosies always leave.

But what do you think of these developments on The View? Should they just give up already, or can the show still be saved? Sound off in the comments!

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