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Michael Leier sings ‘Last Kiss’ on The Voice 2015 (VIDEO)

Michael Leier sang “Last Kiss” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 on Monday, March 2.

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About Michael Leier

From our live blog:

Michael is from Fargo, ND, but notes it’s nothing like the movie or the TV series, and very few people he knows has that “Don’tcha know” accent. He recalls starting a band with his buddies after teaching himself how to play guitar. But the band members all went their separate ways after high school. He became a pre-med student, but he never felt as passionately about medicine as he did about music. He’s at a crossroads between pursuing music and returning to school, so he’s deciding to give this one last shot.

-Michael sings the Pearl Jam version of “Last Kiss,” and I absolutely LOVE Michael’s voice. I mean, the guy has absolutely no stage presence, and might actually have anti-charisma onstage. But he can develop that as the show goes on. Adam is quick to hit his button, and I think they’d be a match made in Heaven. But, as we reach the end of the song, Blake hits his button to make this a fight.


Michael Leier sings 'Last Kiss'

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