Michael Jordan Space Jam Uniform Is Up For Auction

Nostalgia alert! You can now own a piece of your favorite live-action/cartoon crossover movie about basketball (a very specific niche, really).

The uniform Michael Jordan wore in the 1996 hit Space Jam is going up for auction in October. The seller, Profiles in History, is auctioning off the actual uniform with “TuneSquad” on the front of the jersey, and Jordan’s No. 23 on the back. Tying the outfit together is the matching pair of shorts, which is part of the signature TuneSquad look, although it’s unlikely the person who buys this thing will fit into Jordan’s size-38 pair. You know, unless they’re similarly Jordan-sized. And guessing how much money they’re asking for this, it wouldn’t surprise us if the highest bidder were a fellow basketball star.

The bidding, conducted through live auction site Invaluable, is expected to total up into the $10,000-$15,000 region, with the possibility of going higher, depending on just how coveted this item ends up being. Granted, the item is described as having “signs of wear and minor staining,” so I suppose any bidder will be rolling the dice on this one. But the uniform is ultimately described as being in otherwise “fine condition”. So it’s not as if you’ll be getting a uniform stained with the tears of the Monstars or the 96 SuperSonics, and all the other teams Michael Jordan beat that year.

Michael Jordan Space Jam Uniform Is Up For Auction

Credit: Warner Bros.

The auction opens on Oct. 1, but you can bid on the item once the time comes by clicking here.

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