Michael Bloomberg Considers Independent Presidential Run

Former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is reported to be mulling an independent run for President of the United States.

The New York Times and the Washington Post report that Bloomberg will run if the “conditions are right” in March 2016 after the initial primaries of the GOP and the Democratic Party are over.

Sources say that on the GOP side, the GOP establishment may not be able to stop either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, a Tea Party favorite, from winning the GOP nomination. Both Trump and Cruz do not poll well nationally.

On the side of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is appearing to be a far weaker candidate than originally envisioned, and may lose the nomination to Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described “socialist Democrat.” Sanders’ mainstream appeal is in question.

In other words, if you are Michael Bloomberg: If the GOP and Democrats are fielding weak candidates, a third party run becomes viable.

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

From the Washington Post:

Michael R. Bloomberg, the billionaire and former New York mayor, is considering making an independent bid for the presidency, a move that could provide yet another wild turn in a 2016 race that has already seen more than its share of them.

Bloomberg’s deliberations, first reported by the New York Times, were confirmed Saturday by several close associates.

Bloomberg has explored the possibility before, always making a pragmatic calculation of whether winning is feasible. Three associates said that several factors have convinced him that a run outside of the Republican and Democratic party processes is worth another look.

If the right combination of those possibilities begins to look likely — which Bloomberg thinks could become apparent in March, after the first big round of state primaries — he believes they could create an opening for him to make a credible run as an independent.

“It’s something that he’s looked at, off and on, for years, and every now and then, he polls. At one point, he concluded it just couldn’t be done,” said one Bloomberg friend, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the political sensitivities involved.

So exciting.

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