Mexico Withdraws From Miss Universe After Donald Trump Insult

This week proved that if Donald Trump is good at anything, it’s that he is the master of negative publicity. In another fallout from his derogatory comments against immigrants when he launched his campaign for president, organizers in Mexico have decided they will no longer send a candidate to Miss Universe.

From Reuters:

Mexico will not send a contestant to this year’s Miss Universe pageant after part owner and TV personality Donald Trump made comments insulting Mexicans, Mexican broadcaster Televisa said on Monday.

Televisa and former Miss Universe Lupita Jones organize a pageant to select a Mexican candidate for the contest.

Mexico Withdraws From Miss Universe After Donald Trump Insult

Univision and NBC have cut all ties with Donald Trump and Trump has vowed to sue them. Univision’s CEO has also gone on record to call Trump “a liar” regarding Trump’s tweet that Univision apologized to him.

From The Wrap:

“I made the decision to end business relationships with the Trump Organization simply because it was the right thing to do,” Falco wrote in an internal memo obtained by CNN. “No one approached me, asked me or pressured me to take this action.

“I can also assure you that we never apologized because we have nothing to apologize for,” Falco added.

Mexican billionaire Carlos Sim has also shelved a project he had been working on with some of Trump’s companies.

Republicans on the Internet have embraced Donald Trump for his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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