‘The Messengers’ First Look Preview & Premiere Date (VIDEO)

Here’s a sneak peek at The Messengers — a new series from The CW.

This looks really promising!

So basically five people get hit by some sort of shockwave from a “meteor” that turns out to be an evil person. The five get superpowers and are apparently angels? I like it!

The series premieres Friday, April 10, 2015 at 9 PM ET. Wait, a Friday??? Looks like they are targeting the Grimm crowd.

Watch the video here:

“The Messengers” focuses on an ensemble cast of characters whose lives are changed when a mysterious object plummets to Earth, instantly connecting these five strangers who are begin to develop extraordinary gifts. The series’ antagonist, known only as The Man, is played by Diogo Morgado (“Son of God.”) Thick in religious lore, the show touches upon subjects like the Revelation, Angels of the Apocalypse and the Rapture.

The cast includes Shantel VanSanten (“Gang Related,” “One Tree Hill”), Jon Fletcher (“City of Dreams”), Sofia Black-D’Elia (“Betrayal,” “Gossip Girl”), JD Pardo (“Revolution”), Joel Courtney (“Super 8”), Anna Diop (“Everybody Hates Chris”), Craig Frank (“Mixology”).

H/T: The Wrap

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