Mercedes-AMG G63 Truck Somehow Survives Ukrainian Off-Road Competition (VIDEO)

The Mercedes-AMG G63 doesn’t have the most sterling reputation for off-road capability. In their scathing review, Jalopnik declared that this truck “can’t corner safely, it’s not comfortable, and just about everyone is laughing at you or giving you the finger when you roll by.” So why would a person enter it into an off-roading competition?

In this video, we see that the Mercedes-AMG G63 might be better than its reputation as it competes in a Ukrainian off-roading competition. Hell, it doesn’t completely die right from the word “go,” so that’s gotta be worth something, right? Sure, it’s still not a great idea to outfit an otherwise reliable off-roading platform with tires better suited to driving in Center City, Philadelphia than the Alleghenies. But that hasn’t stopped automotive manufacturers before. And as long as people are willing to pay six figures for something like this, they don’t really have any reason to stop. Although this truck shoots out plumes of steam and smoke throughout, and even ends up needing to be towed out of a rough spot, it still survives. Somehow. Watch the video below to see how the Mercedes-AMG G63 fares:

Mercedes-AMG G63 Truck Somehow Survives Ukrainian Off-Road Competition (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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