Melania Trump’s Shady Immigration: She Had ‘Marriage Green Card’ Years Before Marrying Donald Trump

The hypocrisy of the Donald Trump campaign on immigration continues as a lawyer who worked for the Trump Organization revealed that Melania Trump had a obtained a green card “based on marriage” in 2001 – four years before she married Donald Trump.

This directly contradicts Melania’s statement to Larry King in 2005 that she was never married before meeting her husband. The NY Daily News reported that when the immigration attorney, Michael Wildes, was asked about the discrepancy, he clammed up.

Melania’s immigration background came into question after racy photos of her from 1995 emerged. The photos were taken a year before she said she had arrived in the United States. Her statements to MSNBC back in February saying she “traveled every few months back to the country of Slovenia, to stamp the visa” suggested that she was on a tourist visa which doesn’t allow her to work.

The possibility that Donald Trump married a one-time undocumented immigrant has prompted an anti-Trump group to demand Melania’s papers. The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to make public Melania’s immigration papers.

Donald Trump’s signature platform as the Republican nominee is to stop Muslims from entering the U.S. He also called Mexican immigrants rapists while planning to get Mexico to pay for a wall on the U.S. Mexico border.

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