Melania Trump Plans ‘Glam Room’ In The White House For Hair And Makeup

Incoming First Lady Melania Trump plans to build a “Glam Room” in the White House to accommodate hair, makeup and wardrobe according to her makeup artist Nicole Bryl.

Us Weekly reported on Friday that it takes one hour and 15 minutes of “uninterrupted focus” to do Melania’s makeup.

“Melania wants a room with the most perfect lighting scenario, which will make our jobs as a creative team that much more efficient since great lighting can make or break any look,” Bryl said.

The “Glam Room” is a term popularized by reality stars the Kardashians.

Makes sense.

Interested in seeing what the GOP saw in Melania that would make her a good role model for the children of America.

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

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